The characters portrayed in my work are whimsical and the materials I use in my process have an inherent quality of mystery. The finished size of my art varies from mural-like to quite small.

Date Night

Classic fairy tales and fables are my inspiration and I use frogs and other creatures to tell stories. My earliest childhood memories are the illustrations of Alice in Wonderland by John Tenniel. As I began to suspect the intricate political and social satire of famous fairy tales my intrigue and inspiration follows this tradition.

Why Frogs?

Most frogs require suitable habitat in both the terrestrial and aquatic environments, and have permeable skin that can easily absorb toxic chemicals. These traits make frogs especially susceptible to environmental disturbances, and thus frogs are considered accurate indicators of environmental stress: the health of frogs is thought to be indicative of the health of the biosphere. Frogs have survived in their current form for 250 million years, having survived countless ice ages, asteroid crashes, and other environmental disturbances, yet now one-third of amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. This should serve as an alarm call to humans that something is drastically wrong in the environment.

An ecological indicator they are
The most accurate so far
Pollution, destruction and disease
We need to hear their pleas
— Frog Poetry by Shruti Sengupta, 25, India

Evening Chat Original Drawing 14 x 17"

Evening Chat
Original Drawing
14 x 17″