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Is it possible to go to war and come back mentally sound? Moving Like Pond Water is a poignant documentary about war, art, and humanity. This is a story of collective pondering on how we as unique individuals set out on a quest to live a “good life.” The topic is timely and relevant as seen through the lens of U.S. military Veterans at a time of unprecedented political strife, war, and environmental concerns.

Moving Like Pond Water is supported in part by Mil-Tree Veterans Project grant from the Creative Corp, California Arts Council. We are proud to share that the International Documentary Association is our fiscal sponsor!


Cheryl Bookout, Producer

This short film depicts a hypothetical (but all too realistic) school shooting at a high school graduation. The scene is juxtaposed with the countless ways adults work overtime to protect their children in their lives from the moment of conception until graduation and beyond (real home videos).

JUST A FRIEND by Courtney Deelen

Cheryl Bookout, Producer

Lynn is a thriving, 40-year-old woman set to marry her soul mate, Sarah in a time where love is love, and her right to be in a relationship with whomever she wants is accepted and celebrated fully. Well… by everyone but June, her traditional Chinese mother. Our story begins the day that Lynn decides to take a stand for herself. After journeying through her childhood memories, and with Sarah by her side, Lynn walks into the retirement home where her mother is living to confront her with a 40-year secret. What neither of them expect is June’s response to the news.

INSIDE THE BEAUTY BUBBLE by Cheryl Bookout & Cheri Gaulke


Cheryl Bookout (L) and Cheri Gaulke (R) photo by Summer Moore

WOMEN OF STEEL by Cheryl Bookut

2021 ScreenCraft Screenplay TV Pilot Competition.

PURE written by Kiriana Stanton, directed by America Young, produced by Cheryl Bookout, Courtney Deeleen and Emily Andrews.

Glorias Call directed by Cheri Gaulke, produced by J. Cheryl Bookout, Anne Gauldin, Sue Maberry & Christine Papalexis.

In 1971, graduate student Gloria Orenstein received a call from Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington that sparked a lifelong journey into art, ecofeminism and shamanism. The short film, Gloria’s Call, uses art, animation and storytelling to celebrate this wild adventure from the cafes of Paris to the mountaintops of Samiland. The film is produced by artists Cheri Gaulke (director), Cheryl BookoutAnne GauldinSue MaberryChristine Papalexis  and Mariam Cutler (Music Composer) with support from the Southern California chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art. The idea for the film was born during a presentation by renowned scholar Dr. Gloria Feman Orenstein at the SCWCA Surrealist Tea in October 2016. For screening schedule and information about this film project visit please visit

I Am Be

Directed & Written by Cheri Gaulke

J. Cheryl Bookout, Producer

“I Am Be” is an experimental narrative film written, directed and edited by visual artist Cheri Gaulke. The short film is a retelling of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone through a contemporary lens of sexual violence and female empowerment. The female characters of mother and daughter tell the ancient story through voice-over while a contemporary story is played out onscreen. It is the culminating artistic piece of a 2-year collaborative digital storytelling project with A Window Between Worlds, a non-profit organization that uses art as a healing tool to empower and transform those impacted by violence and trauma. It is currently traveling the film festival circuit and has won several awards.

So it began, a second chance to observe and learn – to be a filmmaker. Behind the scenes as a featured extra in the 2011 film “The Politics of Love.”