NDY Films Origin Story

A second chance – to be a filmmaker happened when I least expected it! I grabbed it and ran! “~ Cheryl Bookout

Filmmakers Cheryl Bookout and Cheri Gaulke were driving through Central California on their way home from the 2019 Nevada City Film Festival. Their short documentary film, Gloria’s Call, directed by Gaulke and produced by Bookout, had just won the Audience Award at the festival. Bookout and Gaulke were talking about all the film projects they each wanted to make and Inside the Beauty Bubble was on the top of their list! They laughed and said, “Since we’re not dead yet we’d better get busy!”

When Bookout returned to her home in Joshua Tree from the Nevada City adventure, she went online to see if the domain name Not Dead Yet (NDY) was available – it was! She purchased the domain name and that was the beginning of a new platform to share progress on multiple film projects.